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(NEW!) Campaigns for Female, Tech & Working Adult Blogs
Ad Campaign
Lenovo, Dell, CIMB Bank, MBF Cards. Campaigns range from 2 weeks - 3 months, ads will run rotated. Read more here. If your blog is within this categories and not running the ad, please apply.

(NEW!) Citibank Shell Credit Cards
From RM25-RM100, depending on traffic.
Working adults whose blog attracts other working adults as well. Or, writes about personal finance related topics. At least 50 visitors a day from Malaysia.

Help One Another As Malaysians To Save Money
1 year free Celcom Broadband subscription
Submit your Money Saving Tips to http://www.saveandinvest.my/ to stand the chance to win one year's free broadband!

(NEW!) Toyota: Quest For the Fuel Efficient Engine Blogging Contest
(3 winners, RM500 each)
Write a review on the Toyota Contest site, and stand to win RM500 for your blog post! More details here.

Traffic Opp
(NEW!) SaveAndInvest - Blog Buzz
Blog Traffic
Advertlets Titan members. Submit tips to http://www.saveandinvest.my/ and write a blog post about it - and we will feature you and your blog on the special SaveAndInvest widget throughout the Advertlets blog network!

Earning Opp
ST701 - Jobs, Classifieds, Automotive & Property (Click for details)
Above 30 visits a day, blog must be at least 1 year old, at least 100 words in length. (30 post opportunities remaining)

Earning Opp
IP Server One - Web Hosting, Dedicated Hosting & More (Click for details)
Above 50 visits a day, at least 80 words long. (42 post opportunities remaining)
Advertising Preferences.


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